Tina Kashian

Cozy Mystery Author

Book Club Questions for “Hummus and Homicide”


After reading “Hummus and Homicide,” did you feel a sense of satisfaction?

If you enjoyed the book, what did you like best? The setting? Writer’s style? Pace? Mystery?

What inspired you to buy the book? The author? Book cover? Title? Blurb on the back?

Were the characters memorable? Who was your favorite or least favorite? (Lucy, Katie, Azad, Michael, Angela, Raffi, Heather, or Paul?)

What did you think about the Jersey shore setting? Did it resonate with you? Would you want to visit Ocean Crest, NJ?

How does the author covey a sense of place?

Are there certain settings you avoid in a book?

How did you feel about the food mentioned in the book? Would you try one of the recipes in the back of the book? Which one?

Did the mystery develop logically?

Was the pacing just right, too slow, or so exciting you couldn’t put the book down?

What would you say is Lucy’s attitude when she first arrives in Ocean Crest, then later, at the end of the book?

What do you think about Lucy’s relationship with her mother, Angela? Her father, Raffi? Her sister, Emma?

Lucy’s parents want her to end up with Azad. How did you feel about that?

Who would you want Lucy to end up with, Azad or Michael?

Did you suspect the killer early in the story or were you guessing until the end? Was the killer’s motive plausible? Would you want to read more about this sleuth and his world?

What makes this series unique and interesting?

What was the theme of the book?

Were the stakes high enough for Lucy? And was the resolution convincingly satisfying?

Would you want to read the next books in the series, STABBED IN THE BAKLAVA and ONE FETA IN THE GRAVE?