Tina Kashian

Cozy Mystery Author


Mediterranean Mystery Series

Book 1: Hummus and Homicide – Coming March 2018!

Tired of big-city stress, Lucy Berberian quits her law firm and heads home to the small town of Ocean Crest at the Jersey shore and her family’s Mediterranean restaurant, Kebab Kitchen. But things soon become as sticky as baklava syrup when faced with her match-making mother, a former flame, and her family’s old-world attitudes.

To make matters worse, when an old high school rival—the town’s new health inspector—ends up dead after eating at the restaurant’s hummus bar, Lucy is the prime suspect. Determined to clear her name and the restaurant’s reputation, she sets out to find the killer. With family tensions heating up in the kitchen, Lucy has to sift through a list of suspects and motives before someone else is served a killer kebab.

Recipes Included!

Book 2: Stabbed in the Baklava

Things are looking up for Lucy Berberian. A big catering job for a socialite’s wedding is Lucy’s first chance to prove herself as the new owner of Kebab Kitchen, her family’s Mediterranean restaurant at the Jersey shore. Everything goes smoothly until she discovers the best man’s body in the catering truck stabbed in the neck with a shish kebab skewer.

Trouble abounds when Lucy’s handsome ex and the restaurant’s new head chef, Armen, is the prime suspect. Armen may have killer looks, but she knows he’s not a murderer. Now Lucy has to prove it—before she too becomes ripe for the killer’s next stabbing.

Book 3: Dead as a Dolma

Lucy Berberian is busier than ever running Kebab Kitchen and preparing for the summer beach festival in Ocean Crest at the Jersey shore. As more tourists arrive to enjoy the sun, surf, and upcoming festival, the small beach town gears up to serve.

But when the body of the arrogant tax assessor is found dead under the boardwalk, the upcoming festival is at risk of being canceled. Lucy knows the event is important for the town’s livelihood. She’s won’t let the local businesses go under, even if she has to solve the murder herself.