Tina Kashian

Cozy Mystery Author

One Feta in the Grave

Book 3: One Feta in the Grave

As summer comes to an end in her Jersey Shore town, Lucy Berberian continues to manage her family’s Mediterranean restaurant. The Kebab Kitchen also has a food tent at this year’s beach festival. But now a local businessman is under the boardwalk—dead by the sea . . .

 With a sand castle contest and live music, Ocean Crest bids a bittersweet farewell to tourist season. Summer will return next year . . . but Archie Kincaid won’t. The full-of-himself store owner has been fatally shot, soon after a screaming match with Lucy’s best friend. Katie’s far from the only suspect, though, since Archie had some bitter rivals—as well as some relationships no one knew about. It’s up to Lucy to look into some seedy characters and solve the case before the wrong person gets skewered . . .

Recipes included!


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If you are looking to throw off the late winter blues, this book is just what the doctor ordered.  Or save it for a beach read this summer.  Either way, you’ll enjoy this visit with Lucy.
~Carstairs Considers by Mark Baker

With engaging dialogue, an eclectic cast of characters and a perfect beach setting on a cold winter’s day, this was a delightfully charming adventure and I look forward to more with Lucy, Kate and their friends.
~Dru’s Book Musings

One Feta in the Grave will have you craving the Berberian family recipes so make sure you have a Mediterranean restaurant close by. The plot is well-layered and it’s not readily apparent whodunit . . .
~Reading Is My SuperPower

One Feta in the Grave is great fun keeping me not only entertained but filled with happiness from this big happy Kebab Kitchen family.
~Cozy Up With Kathy

I love the way Ms. Kashian uses words to paint vivid pictures of both her settings and her characters. She wraps the theme of family and friendship into the story with heartwarming results.
~Cinnamon, Sugar and a Little Bit of Murder

From the characters to the tantalizing dishes, everything falls into place and makes this a fantastic read.
~Storeybook Reviews

One Feta in the Grave, it was top notch! There were plenty of suspects to keep me twisted like a boardwalk funnel cake in my guessing.
~Lisa Ks Book Reviews

OH MY WORD!! This is a brilliant addition to the Kebab Kitchen series, 6 stars out of5 rating grin . . .
~A Wytch’s Book Review Blog

The pacing of the clues, the red herrings, the revelation of the secrets are all well-placed and make for entertaining reading.
~The Cozy Pages

I love the setting of this series and Lucy and her friends were fabulous.
~A Chick Who Reads


One Feta in the Grave

Book 3 of the Kebab Kitchen Mystery Series

Ocean Crest, New Jersey

Lucy walked to the stairs leading from the boardwalk to the beach. The music from the bandstand was muted here, and the screams from the roller coaster on the sole pier seemed miles away.

A pleasant ocean breeze cooled her cheeks and teased the wayward strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail. She slipped off her sandals, and the surf sprayed her ankles. Gulls squawked and circled above. She stopped to pick up a pretty shell, then tossed it back into the water. She breathed in the fresh ocean air and felt her stress melt away. The beach always had this effect, calming and soothing, and she couldn’t envision herself living anywhere else than in Ocean Crest.

After fifteen minutes, she headed back, but at the last minute she decided she needed a bit more time, and rather than climb the steps to return to the boardwalk, she veered right and walked under it. In a couple of hours, high tide would begin and the ocean would reach under the boardwalk. But for now the sand was cool beneath her feet.

A few yards away, a large shadow appeared ahead on the sand. She stared. What could it be? A stack of boards? A sand dune bush? A large trash bag someone had illegally dumped?

She changed her mind as she crept closer and a shock of white hair came into focus, then an outstretched arm with a Wile E. Coyote tattoo.

It wasn’t a trash bag.

Oh, no. It was Archie.

“Mr. Kincaid?” she asked aloud although deep in her gut she knew he wouldn’t respond. He’d never speak again. Her gaze lowered to the bullet hole in the center of his chest.

She reached toward him and placed a trembling finger to his neck. She had to be sure.

Nothing. Oh, God.

Archie Kincaid was dead.